Dental Trends: Fixing Gummy Smiles One Visit at a Time

Incorrect Tooth Whitening Technique: Four Common Problems

A vibrant, white smile is the goal of most people. However, while there are several methods you can use to achieve this goal, they are not all the same. The techniques used during a tooth whitening treatment, along with the professional knowledge of the person administering the technique, can have a significant impact on the outcome and the health and safety of your teeth. Too White Again, most people want to brighten their smile, but it is essential to understand the importance of balance. Read More 

What Needs To Be Done About A Dead Tooth

Are your teeth technically alive? This isn't such a straightforward question. Your teeth are actually made of different layers, and some are more alive than others. The hard, outermost layer of the tooth is its enamel. This is the strongest substance in your body; but when it's gone, it's gone. Damaged or decayed enamel cannot regenerate. Beneath the enamel is dentin, and this can regenerate itself to a (very) limited extent. Read More 

Why It’s Mandatory To Manage A Missing Molar

Which tooth is the hardest worker in your mouth? They all have their part to play, but in terms of physical effort, your molars have a lot to deal with. Your upper molars press down into your lower molars, masticating, grinding, and generally pulverizing food, processing it into a manageable consistency to be swallowed. Adults should develop 12 molars (three on each side of the upper and lower jaw), including wisdom teeth. Read More 

Your Brief Guide On Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used as a type of dental restoration to help protect at-risk and damaged teeth. There are a lot of reasons why the dentist may decide a crown is in the best interest of a patient. You will be able to learn more about dental crowns when you read this brief guide on them. This can help you to see why it may be a good idea to have the dentist put a crown on one or more of your teeth. Read More 

Tips For Good Dental Health For Your Entire Family

Your family's oral health matters a lot. And being the head of the family, you must ensure that your spouse and kids have healthy teeth. So, how do you ensure that your family's dental health is taken care of? Well, here are some family dental care tips you should follow. Visit a Family Dentist Often The first step to ensuring that your entire family's dental health is taken care of is visiting a family dentist. Read More