Dental Trends: Fixing Gummy Smiles One Visit at a Time

2 Dental Treatments for Missing Premolar Teeth

Premolar teeth are the smaller version of the molar teeth positioned between those rear molars and the front canines. The small premolars offer grinding assistance while chewing. The loss of both premolars on one or both sides of your mouth can create severe chewing difficulties, create bite issues, and lower your self-esteem.  There are a few different ways that your general or family dentist can replace missing premolar teeth. The best choice depends on the number of missing teeth in the area and your personal preferences. Read More 

3 Potential Dental Treatments For An Infected Wisdom Tooth That’s Fully Erupted

A wisdom tooth, also called the third molar, is an entirely optional tooth that doesn't erupt for everyone. If your wisdom tooth did erupt without any problems that required extraction, you might think your troubles are over. But harmful oral bacteria can cause an infection in a wisdom tooth the same as any other tooth. There are a few potential treatment steps your general or family dentist office can use to treat an infected wisdom tooth that has already fully erupted. Read More 

Don’t Do Harm To Your Teeth

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, it's just as important for you to make sure you put as much effort into not doing the wrong things as you put in to making sure you are doing the right things. Learn about the worst things you can do to your teeth in this article so you can make sure you don't do them. Grinding your teeth Grinding your teeth is extremely bad for them. Read More 

A Quick Look At The Various Components Of Full Dental Reconstruction

Many people think of dental reconstruction as one form of treatment, such as dental implants or crowns. However, if you go to a professional dentist who offers dental reconstruction, you could see many different forms of treatment. Full dental reconstruction surgeries can completely change the way your smile looks, the way your teeth and mouth function, and how you feel about your smile overall. If this is a treatment you have been considering to achieve the smile you want, it is a good idea to get to know a little more. Read More 

Getting Your Child The Dental Care They Need When They Won’t Cooperate

Kids can be stubborn. When you are trying to take your child to the dentist and they refuse to cooperate, this can leaving you feeling exasperated. If you are feeling stressed trying to get your child to open their mouth at the dentist's office, it's time to take a deep breath. While you may want to control the situation, so does your child. Going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary experience, and it's important that you stay calm while your child tries to adjust to the situation. Read More