Dental Trends: Fixing Gummy Smiles One Visit at a Time

Nitrous Oxide May Help Relieve Your Dental Phobia

If you have anxiety associated with going to the dentist, don't let that stop you from getting regular dental care. Instead, talk to your dentist about nitrous oxide. This is a light form of sedation that takes the edge off your anxiety and helps with pain. Here is some more information about nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. How It's Delivered Nitrous oxide is inhaled through an oxygen mask that fits over your nose. Read More 

Surprising Illnesses And Symptoms That Your Dentist Might Notice Before You Or Your Regular Physician Do

It's easy to assume that your dentist will spot information about your cavities, gum disease and whether or not you floss and that you and your primary healthcare provider will detect all other health concerns. However, you might be surprised to discover that sleep apnea can often be determined by your dentist, as can the possibility of developing cancer of the pancreas in the future. Therefore, if you're tempted to skip your next dental checkup, it's best to remember that your dentist might be able to spot troubling, early symptoms of serious health problems during a regular exam. Read More 

Ways To Temporarily Fix A Chipped Tooth

When you have a chipped tooth, it is important that you have your tooth repaired as fast as possible. However, you may not be able to see a dentist right away for whatever reason. You may not have access to a 24-hour dentist and your dentist may be unwilling to see you at such short notice. However, there are a few things that you can do to temporarily fix your chipped tooth until you can see your dentist. Read More 

Do You Need Veneers? Three Things To Think About

You may have been considering dental veneers as a solution to certain cosmetic dentistry problems. Since this can be a big decision to make, here are three things to make sure of before you approach your cosmetic dentist for veneers. Is There Another Fix for Your Teeth? First of all, have you had a cosmetic dentistry consultation to see if there are any other options for your teeth? Many cosmetic problems have multiple solutions. Read More 

2 Dental Treatments for Missing Premolar Teeth

Premolar teeth are the smaller version of the molar teeth positioned between those rear molars and the front canines. The small premolars offer grinding assistance while chewing. The loss of both premolars on one or both sides of your mouth can create severe chewing difficulties, create bite issues, and lower your self-esteem.  There are a few different ways that your general or family dentist can replace missing premolar teeth. The best choice depends on the number of missing teeth in the area and your personal preferences. Read More